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Tours of The Irish National Heritage Park

We have three main tours:

An Audio tour, which is available in English, Irish, French, German and many other languages see our Audio tour section for full list and downloads


A Self-guided tour where you can guide yourself, your family or group at your own pace. Maps and Guidebooks  (Available in Irish, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish).


A Guided tour through the park with an experienced costumed guide (English). Guided tours are available at no extra cost to the admission rate. However booking is required.


Heritage Trail: Unique in Europe, the Irish National Heritage Park occupies 14 Hectares and has 16 archaeological and historical reconstructions all located in their natural settings. Full scale reconstructions of ancient houses, forts and tombs; fully reconstructed early Christian monastery, mill, cooking place and Viking boatyard and boats. Ancient bread animals at the Ringfort ( seasonal only); Woodlandtrails, wildlife, plants and flowers; original defensive ditch built by first Norman invaders to Ireland; Round Tower memorial to Crimean War.

Hazel Woodland Trail: Rich in plant species and animals, the Hazel Woodland is worth a visit at any season. Take your time, pause often and, most importantly, be quiet! You may be surprised what you see!

ducks and wildlifeWet Woodland Trail:  Step back in time to the Ireland of our Stone Age ancestors, an almost impenetrable landscape of dense woodland and wetlands.


The Park also supports a rich abundance of flora and fauna with its hazel woodlands, wet grasslands, ponds and streams. The ponds support families of ducks an water hens and our resident heron may be seen feeding from time to time. Otters and kingfishers can also be spotted

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