The Vikings

From Norway, the Vikings had come to Ireland at the end of the 8th century, first forplunder, but later for trade and commerce.

The settlement would have been surrounded by a wall and ditch. These gradually grew into bigger establishments, where trade was carried on.

Slaves, wine, delicacies like figs and olives, and other luxury goods changed hands in return for the cowhides and products of Irish agriculture. In this way the first Irish towns, including Wexford, Waterford, Dublin and Limerick were established.
The house reconstruction in the Irish National Heritage Park is based on one found in excavations in Wexford. They were rectangular, with post and wattle walls and a hipped roof. Inside, a central aisle ran from front to back, with seating/sleeping areas on either side, and a hearth in the middle. There was no chimney, but there was a smoke hole in the ridge.

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