Educational workshops

Additional Activities

Lunch Boxes – Chicken nuggets/sausages and chips and a drink provided for each student after their tiring trek through history. €5.00 per student (must be pre-ordered)

Fulacht Fiadh & Horizontal Water Mill Demonstration: Students will have a demonstration of cooking in this prehistoric method, allowing each student to witness the meat being cooked and even sample some but also experience a display of Ireland’s only working Medieval Mill in action. The Mill harnesses water power which would have enabled our ancestors to produce flour in large quantities. € 125 per group (must be pre-ordered)

Workbooks – an excellent follow-on tool for class work. Allows student and teacher to revisit topics and concepts from their visit to the park. € 1 per student, a pencil is included. (pre-ordering is preferred)

Workshop A: Daily Life In The 10th Century

The students will step back 1000 years and learn first hand about daily life by witnessing authentic clothing, leatherworking, weapons and normal domestic life.
Cost: €5.00 per student (1 hour) Pre-booking essential

Workshop B: Viking Shield Making

In keeping with Viking tradition, the students will decorate their own personal shield using “history inspired designs”. Each student can return home with their own shield as a reminder of their learning experience.

Cost: €10.00 per student (1 hour) Pre-booking essential

Please contact our reservation desk for booking inquiries or any further information.