Bushcraft Skills

 2016 Dates to be confirmed 

Bushcraft Courses

 Course title:  [Level one] Bushcraft

This course is designed to introduce people to the basics of Bushcraft. Over 2 or 3 days participants will learn basic bushcraft skills, creating a strong foundation of knowledge and practical skill. We are running two Level one courses one which is aimed for adults and the second which is focused on young people between the ages of 12 to 16 years old and takes place in the safety of the 35 acre Irish National Heritage Park. The fundamentals of this course enable the student to go on and acquire a deeper understanding on level 2 and 3 Bushcraft.


  • Bush Craft SkillsCamp craft, safety
  • Knife use and safety
  • Tree  identification and uses.
  • Fire lighting ( Level One)
  • Water  purification
  • Flint   Knapping


What you will need?

Bush Craft Students at Irish National Heritage Park

  • Wet gear,
  • Wellington boots,
  • Hat
  • Personal  medication, e.g. Asthma inhaler
  • Track suit  bottoms,  No Jeans,
  • Hiking  boots [or footwear with ankle support]
  • Jumper/hoodie,
  • Fleece top,
  • Hand towel,
  • Note book, Pencil.
  • Packed  Lunch


Note: Level one must be done before level two and level two must be done before level three.

Level Two

Junior Level Two Bushcraft Course

Adult Level Two Bushcraft Course

  • Camp craft
  • Fire lighting ( Level two )
  • Fishing
  • Cooking + food preparation in the forest
  • Natural Cordage.


Level Three (junior) – Over night Dates to be confirmed

  • Camp craft
  • Fire lighting (level three)
  • Hunting – trapping
  • Shelter construction