New Stone Age House

New Stone Age house

The construction of our new Stone Age house is well underway, we are delighted to report.  The original house, which was based on the famous Neolithic site of Lough Gur, Co. Limerick, finally collapsed in the November 2010 snows and is being rebuilt to a new design from the bottom up. The new design builds on the additional information which has been gleaned through excavations since 1987 when the original house was built.  It is constructed of oak and hazel, with some split oak planking as well. The high pitched roof will support a thatch of reed.  The construction work is being undertaken by Muintir na Coille, a co-operative of craftsmen drawn from all over Ireland, advised by Ronan O’Flaherty of Crane Bag Consulting.  Thanks are due also to Jessica Smyth and Aidan O’Sullivan of UCD for their crucial inputs to the redesign of this house.

Prehistoric Woodlands Trail

Our new Eco Plastic boardwalk is looking really good!  This new 180m trail will take visitors deep into our wet woodlands, winding between ancient trees and pools of water, to experience at first hand what Ireland must have looked like to our Stone Age ancestors.  This is a type of landscape people rarely get to explore: swamp-woodland, filled with alder and oak, mosses and lichens and teeming with birdlife and insects. Nature lovers will not want to go home! The boardwalk is made from recycled plastic, so it’s kind to the environment too!   We expect the trail to be opened by mid April.

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